My full name is Edwin Bruce Shankle III. I was born May 26, 1971. I am the founder of BA3, LLC a software development and consulting company specializing in computer graphics on mobile platforms. My company, BA3, is best known as the first company to bring true synthetic vision to the iPad cockpit interface, enabling aircraft pilots unprecedented situational awareness at extremely low costs. BA3 is now focused on continuing the effort to increase situational aware for pilots and navigators in aviation and other industries with our global mapping engine technology.

I grew up on a small farm in rural North Carolina. I spent summers bailing hay and doing my best to avoid serious injury working our cattle. In a school raffle, as chance would have it, I won a small personal computer. A Texas Instruments 99/4A (which I still have and which still works). Winning that computer changed my life and I knew my path would involve programming. Additionally, my grandfather, a flight instructor, played a large role in sparking my interest in aviation.

I’m also an author, musician, private pilot, and father of two. My family has a lot of Bruce Shankle’s. My father’s name is Edwin Bruce Shankle II, his great grandfather was Edwin Bruce Shankle. My son’s name is Edwin Bruce Shankle IV.

I am first and foremost a programmer. It is a passion I have enjoyed since I was in 7th grade and got my hands on a TI 99/4a (which I won in the school raffle and still have).

I’ve had the pleasure of developing software in many different industries including games, financial, imaging, military, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications. I enjoy solving complex problems, learning new technologies and sharing what I’ve learned and helping other developers achieve their goals.

I’ve been playing piano since 1976 and I really like Bruce Hornby’s music. I’m not really formally trained. I’m more of a play-by-ear kind-of person and I have to basically memorize a piece of music in order to perform.

In August of 2010 I had a chance to visit China. I wrote about my experience here.

My primary focus at the moment is ensuring the growth and success of BA3.